How to integrate our widget in your platform

Our widget provides an easy-to-integrate, customizable interface for your own platform. With it, your clients will be able to identify themselves by following a KYC process, and get access to the fiat<>crypto gateway.

Users flow

Once your widget is set, it will work as a fiat<>crypto gateway. The steps to follow by your users are:

  1. Submit the requested personal info (name, ID proof, selfie...) to identify them and run AML checks.
  2. Decide wether they will fund their own segregated bank account, a master bank account for your installation or pay by card.
  3. Once the payment is confirmed, it will be redirected back to your system. Note that when configuring the widget we will need a redirect_url that we will configure within the widget.
Widget flow chart

Widget flow chart

Integration flow

The steps for the widget integration are really simple:

  1. Create a client account in Depasify as explained in the Welcome page.

  2. Register as a Depasify partner. To do so, contact us to configure your partner ID, theme colors, logo and trading parameters.

  3. Integrate the following embedded code for the widget wherever you want in your platform. The iframe url has several parts:

    1. PARTNER_ID is the unique identifier for your business, configured in step 2.
    2. USER_UUID is an unique identifier for your users, so next time they visit the platform we can retrieve their identity. This parameter must be an UUIDv4.
    3. CODE is an optional param. You might add it whenever you want to add more text to the transaction description. It will appear interpolated along the client's unique deposit_id, "deposit_id code\"
    4. SCENARIO is an optional param. You might add it in the following cases:
      • with_registry: the whole process will be KYC + registration + founding.
      • direct_funding: widget will start in the ‘amount selection’ part of the process. No need to verify the person (KYC) nor register.
      • No params: this is the default mode and will be person verification(KYC) + funding.

    <iframe src="" width="560px" height="650px" frameborder="0" allow="camera"></iframe>
  4. Provide us the redirect_url where the widget should point after the payment is done.

  5. The widget is ready for your users!